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Two U.S. Ebola patients released from Atlanta hospital

Two American missionaries who contracted the Ebola virus while treating patients in Liberia, have recovered and have been discharged from an Atlanta hospital. Dr. Kent Brantly is greeted with applause as he and his wife walk to the front of the room, standing before the medical team who helped save his life. The American missionary has been declared free of the Ebola virus, and can now go home after treatment at Emory University Hospital. SOUNDBITE: DR. KENT BRANTLY, EBOLA PATIENT, SAYING: 11:15:38 "Today is a miraculous day. I am thrilled to be alive, to be well, and to be reunited with my family." Brantly arrived at the Atlanta hospital nearly three weeks ago after contracting the Ebola virus while working with patients in Liberia. Fellow American missionary Nancy Writebol who also contracted the deadly disease was discharged from Emory on Tuesday. SOUNDBITE: DR. KENT BRANTLY, EBOLA PATIENT, SAYING: 11:20:36 "As she walked out of her isolation room all she could say was to God be the glory." The doctor who oversaw their care at Emory says Brantly and Writebol pose no risk to the public. SOUNDBITE: DR. BRUCE RIBNER, MEDICAL DIRECTOR OF EMORY'S INFECTIOUS DISEASE UNIT, SAYING: 11:11:46 "The medical staff here at Emory is confident that the discharge from the hospital of both of these patients poses no public health threat." SOUNDBITE: DR. KENT BRANTLY, EBOLA PATIENT, SAYING: 11:21:54 "Please continue to pray for Liberia and the people of West Africa." A heartfelt plea as the Ebola outbreak continues to take a deadly toll. More than 1,300 have died so far across West Africa. During the news conference, Dr. Bruce Ribner, medical director of the Infectious Disease Unit, said the other American missionary Nancy Writebol was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday after testing clear of the virus. He says the two aid workers pose no health risk to the public.