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Big buck contest leaders

Dusty Snyder of Deer River is leading the Deer River Sportsman's Club's big buck contest with this buck, which weighed 227 pounds. (Photo courtesy of Dusty Snyder)

Here's a summary, as of Thursday, of leaders in various big buck contests around the region. If you have a contest that you'd like to have listed, e-mail your standings to

Note: All rankings are based on field-dressed weight in pounds unless otherwise noted.

Buck's Hardware Hank, Grand Marais

By weight

1. 228, Teri Smith, Grand Portage

2. 223.6, James Peterson, Grand Marais

3. 221, Robbie Bloomburg, Grand Marais

By outside antler spread

1. 23 inches, Frankie Rabold, Grand Marais

2. 22 3/8, Doug Paige, Twin Cities

3. 20 3/4, Robbie Bloomburg, Grand Marais

Cloquet Pine Journal Big Buck Contest

(Ranking figures are the sum of antler points and inside spread measurement.)

1. 29.5, Cale Suominen, Cloquet (9 points, 20.5 spread)

2. 19, Bri Demers, Cloquet (8 points, 11 spread)

Crossroads Convenience Store, Iron

1. 205.2, Joe Bernard, Iron

2. 195.6, Erik Knutson, no town listed

3. 190.8, Steve Knaffla, Iron

Big doe: 147.2, Cory Newhouse, Iron

Deer River Sportsman's Club/Deer River Vets

1. 227, Dusty Snyder, Deer River

2. 220, Lynn Schumacher, Cohasset

3. 203.5, Warren Spawn, Warba

Big doe (tie) -- 137, Gale Grife, Deer River, and Rory Haaland, Bena

Fisherman's Corner, Pike Lake

1. 235, Mike Gunsolus, Duluth

2. 223, James Benko, Duluth

3. 212, Scott Waters, Duluth

Brimson Sportsmen's Club (Hugo's), Brimson

1. 225, Dwight Moe, no town listed

2. 219.4, Tim Innis, no town listed

3. 216.6, Mark Bradach, no town listed

Lawrence Lake Legion, Bovey

1. 211, Dustin Sipe, Taconite

2. 204.5, Darryl Warmbold, Keewatin

3. 177.5, Bob Ruuhela, Bovey