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Either-sex deer permit deadline Thursday

Deer hunters who use a firearm or muzzleloader and want to harvest an antlerless deer in a lottery deer area must apply for an either-sex permit by the Thursday, Sept. 9, deadline.

Nearly half of Minnesota's deer permit areas now are lottery areas, a comparable number from last year, said Lou Cornicelli, big game program consultant for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR). These permit areas were designated lottery because deer populations in those areas are at or below deer population goals.

"Each year, we estimate deer numbers using a population model that considers harvest and over-winter survival," Cornicelli said. "We then used that information to determine which areas would be designated as lottery."

In lottery deer areas, firearms and muzzleloader hunters may only harvest a buck unless they apply for and receive an either-sex permit, which allows them to harvest an antlerless deer.

For 2010, all firearm and muzzleloader hunters must apply if they want to take an either-sex deer. Successful applicants will be able to take an antlerless deer in that area only during the season listed on the application.