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Fond du Lac Honor Guard members Fran White (from left), Rick Yeazle, Sheryle McCreary, Billie DeFoe-Robinson and Marvin Pellerin salute a Congressional Gold Medal presented to the Band for its involvement with the code talkers program during World War II. Band member Lex Porter took part in the program, in which Native Americans transmitted coded messages using their native languages. Steve Kuchera/Forum News Service

Richard Yeazle chose to enlist in the military before he got drafted in 1970.

He followed in the footsteps of his sister, Fran White, and joined the Army where he was a member of the Signal Corps of the Army and was a 36 C 20 Lineman.

Yeazle was deployed the week before Christmas in 1971 and sent home the week before Christmas in 1972.

Even though he was stationed in DaNang, Vietnam, at Camp Haskins for a year, he did not see any action as he installed telephone poles and lines in the country.

He does remember it was monsoon season and everything was wet and he remembers swimming in the warm China Sea with his friends.

Yeazle joined the Fond du Lac Honor Guard two years ago and became very active when he retired from his job a year ago.

“I’m proud to be a veteran,” Yeazle said.

Yeazle thinks young people who get into trouble should be required to

serve two years in the military, as it was a good experience for him and he learned a lot during the time that he served.