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My View...So long, and thanks for the fun

Looking back through the fading haze of summer, I’m beginning to realize that my days here in Cloquet are numbered. Soon I’ll be off to the University of Minnesota, absorbing all the things higher education has to offer.

I’ll spend sleepless nights studying for chemistry lectures and solving calculus problem sets. I’ll have to learn how to balance work with free time, and survive on a college budget — or lack thereof.

Now that my vacation is drawing to a close, I see how much I’ve taken for granted. I have spent hours writing articles from week to week, each one pulling me closer to my college experience. I thought of my summer as a countdown, flying through the days in a blur, for the most part failing to “stop and smell the flowers.”

But now I’m done. In less than a week I’ll be gone, and soon after my summer will be nothing more than a collection of half-forgotten memories. But with all of the details lost, I can’t help but smile from the unique experience I’ve had at the Pine Journal these last three months.

My internship exposed me to many new opportunities — from interviewing and writing to editing and photography — and it has helped me grow significantly as a writer and as a journalist.

Not only has the Journal contributed to my writing skills, but it also introduced me to the wonderful staff who make the paper possible every week.

Despite the looming deadlines and intimidation of interviewing strangers, the Pine Journal kept me laughing and productive during my last summer in Cloquet, and I cannot begin to express the gratitude I have for its employees and its readers alike.

Interning for the Pine Journal opened a door to the inner workings of the community I grew up in — a community I have never felt closer to.

I wish you all a happy last few weeks of summer.

Thanks for reading!

~ Dylan Marvel