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Let the dead rest in peace

To the Editor:

Have you, your friend or neighbor recently become the owner of a beautiful red, white and blue silk flower hanging basket? If so, please be aware it may be the one taken from Sunset Memorial Cemetery, between Moose Lake and Barnum, sometime between July 28 and Aug. 9. The arrangement also had an American flag honoring Army Veteran Dutch Thornton who passed away last Thanksgiving Eve. The sorrow of Dutch’s departure is still fresh in the hearts and minds of his loved ones and there is now further sorrow over memorial flowers being taken from his final resting place.

Having had the nerve to sneak flowers out of a cemetery, please muster the more decent courage to also sneak them back to their rightful place. If someone else gave these flowers to you, please encourage that party to return them. The name Thornton had been printed on the rim of the basket, so there should be no joy in anyone else possessing it.

I must ask whoever now has these flowers to consider how you would feel if, someday, a floral arrangement were to be taken from your loved one’s gravesite. Also, if these flowers have already been placed on your loved one’s grave, do you think that person would have wanted to share the guilt and disgrace of having a stolen memorial gift, or would they have preferred it to be left with its rightful owner? Try to find it in your heart to let the dead rest in peace.

With deepest sorrow,

Gail Thornton, Moose Lake