To the Editor: Line 3 plans are responsible solution


To the Editor:

As a taxpayer, lifelong resident of Minnesota and resident of Barnum, I support the need for the replacement and decommissioning of Line 3. I have fished the waters of the Mississippi, walked through the Chippewa National Forest, hunted on many acres of Itasca, St. Louis and Carlton county land and have an appreciation for the environment and natural resources we are blessed with. I am also a 27-year employee with Enbridge.

The Line 3 replacement project is a business owner's responsible solution to an aging infrastructure that still has a need for the consumers of petroleum. If you had a piece of equipment that's going to cost you a fixed amount to maintain on an annual basis, would you invest in that or look at replacing it with a modern, updated, stronger solution that lasts even longer than the original asset would last?

Pipelines are the most safe, reliable and responsible means of transporting petroleum.

This is a $2 billion addition to an already highly functional multi-billion-dollar asset that Enbridge is seeking permission to proceed — no free money, no ultimatums, just trying to do the right thing as we've been responsibly operating pipelines since 1949 through the state of Minnesota.

The deactivation process is less impactful to the surrounding environment as well as being an acceptable means of pipeline operations, as it is a federally regulated process under Code of Federal regulations 49.195.

Enbridge has acted environmentally responsible throughout its operational existence and has and will only get better at it as training and technology improves. Enbridge still makes safety of the people and the integrity of the environment a priority every day.

The focus of expanding renewable energies are alive and well but we all can agree that eliminating the need and use of nonrenewables is not practical for decades to come and our nation's needs continue to grow on a daily basis.

Tom Peterson