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To the Editor: Voters, question all referendum figures

To the Editor:

A heads up to voters of Carlton School District. It's up to you how you vote on the referendum, but question all that is said and in print.

Ask yourself, for instance, why a $150,000 house (costing "only" $1.60 a day) is used as the example. Grow Wrens said the same thing, only our cost was $1 a day. Why not a $250,000 house?

At least Carlton doesn't have a $1 million healthcare building.

We were to vote on a $12.5 million referendum. Included in that was to replace the school's roof at a cost of $2 million. After the referendum failed, the board had a roofing company look at the roof. They said they could fix the roof [just the part over the swimming pool for between $65,000 and $120,000]. Read that again. In other words, our school board was prepared to make us citizens (workers, retirees, business) pay $2 million for a roof that can be fixed for a lot less.

So I say, question all.

Tony Sheda