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Changing lives through the power of work

To the Editor:

Despite significant strides in employment programs and services over the past few decades, the Department of Labor states that only about 17.5 percent of persons with a disability are employed in the U.S. today.

At Goodwill Industries of Duluth, we have nearly 100 years of experience serving the community — specifically people who have disabilities or other barriers to employment — with job opportunities and services. Here in the Northland, Goodwill provided job training and services in 2015-2016 that helped 250 people find meaningful employment. We also kept nearly 3 million pounds of donations out of landfills through our recycling programs and secondary markets.

Since 1951, Goodwill agencies across the United States and Canada have marked the first full calendar week of May as Goodwill Industries Week, a time to celebrate the organization's mission of enhancing the dignity and quality of life of individuals, families and communities by providing access and opportunities to skills training and employment.

Working together, we can ensure that every individual in the Northland has the opportunity to be self-sufficient and reach their fullest potential through the power of work. Please help us to support our mission by shopping and donating at your nearest Goodwill store located at 1102 Cloquet Ave. Thank you!

Scott Vezina

Goodwill Industries, Duluth