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LETTER: One down, one to go

To the Editor:

Now that the insane Wrenshall School project has been rejected by the taxpayers, we need to move our attention to the Carlton School project.

Citizens need to come to the aid of the Carlton School District taxpayers and organize a strong statement of rejection. The citizens have been awakened into powerful action groups including a 710 club tax watchdog group. After voting down the massive spending plan, the citizens will regroup and renew the Wrenshall/Carlton merger plan. Both communities will be energized by this logical approach to education in our area. My grandmother was the person who pushed for a high school in Wrenshall by getting people to sign a petition. If we have to bypass the Carlton school board, we too will get a petition to bring it to a vote of the citizens. All the emotional rumors about how it will hurt the towns will blow away because they are based in a subjective delusion. All the concerns over control will be worked out with legal agreements so both districts will have equal representation. Each township should have a board member assigned.

Please come to our meeting at 6:30 p.m. June 15 at the Public House in Carlton and join the celebration of sanity and the end of burning up taxpayers' money.

Lastly the statewide utility tax lawsuit still has not been resolved so a hold on any project needs to be continued. If schools are not safe for students at this time, then the state needs to come in and investigate possible misuse of funds. If it is found to be as bad as they have said at public meetings, then the leadership of the schools or school should be removed and put under the control of the state.

Dan Conley