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LETTER: Wrenshall debate gets nasty

To the Editor:

In Wrenshall School District we are seeing a rift that may be hard to heal. Some supporters of the referendum are demonizing those of us who exercise our constitutional right to speak out against a hefty tax increase. We were accused of "scare tactics" among other things.

After this is all over we will have to live together as a community but the attacks on some of us will make it hard. We are willing, are they? We are also for the kids.

At a recent community meeting, a coach told how dangerous the school is: metal sticking out, concrete floor that is hard (who knew concrete is hard?), leaky roof, electrical problems, etc. Why was this allowed to go on without repairs? You know why. Why repair when they want to build new? Are they putting the kids at risk?

Tony A. Sheda