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Wrenshall school building project raises questions

To the Editor:

There is too much uncertainty to take on this kind of debt at this time: While we receive about 140 students due to open enrollment, we also lose more than 80 and Duluth is developing a plan to keep their students. According to the census, birth rates are declining. A group is looking into opening a Christian school near Carlton. There is potential widespread negative financial impact from a utilities lawsuit about property tax levels.

Also, I've heard many times that the school is a key part of the community. I feel like the school is not acting as if it is part of the community since they have not been as forthcoming with information as they could have been. For example, the school has recently published a video highlighting some of the problems with the buildings. I feel like I have been blind-sided with this information and wonder why many of these repairs have not been handled by regular maintenance. Is there no budget for some of these repairs? Why have they not published the need in the "Images" newsletter and asked for the community's help? Perhaps they could have held a fundraiser or had local clubs organize a work day to help out.

It seems to me that there are other ways to provide "a quality education through caring relationships" and enhance the community spirit than by imposing this huge financial burden on us.

Cindy Bourn, Wrenshall