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LETTER: Wrenshall referendum needs looking into

To the Editor:

In last week's paper there was an article about Wrenshall School Board talking consolidation with Carlton. Why would they bring it up after all the agony of last year's talks, public meetings, and voting not to consolidate?

Then I saw a box alongside the story about a $12.5 million referendum plus more money for a community fitness center. A warning? I don't think a room of us old people running on a treadmill, slowly, fits the description of a high school.

Who is behind this and why? Why do you have the right to ask us to pay $300 or more for wants and not needs? You want (not need) this, then you pay for it. Will it be $300, and for how long, and will there be cost overruns?

I found out last November that I am in heart failure so knowing this I took stock of our finances so my wife won't be a "bag lady" (she always said she didn't want to end up a bag lady). We are not destitute but haven't a lot to spare, so $300 or more plus county raises will be hard to come up with.

Tony Sheda, Wrenshall