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Reader questions proposed regulations on public gatherings

To the Editor:

To the Carlton County Board of Commissioners, I have many concerns over the impending regulation on crowd gatherings. What is the necessity and why a permit fee?

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Our business succeeds by hosting numerous events throughout the year. It is a small business with 10 employees with a payroll of over $100,000 in the middle of nowhere, but draws people from the entire area and across the USA. Our operation cannot compete with large volume stores, but does succeed with free entertainment at our events … people love to be entertained and when they are in town, they spend money with us. A permit fee of $500 would cancel some of the large events.

Why add another cost of doing business to the already overburdening laws with regulations, fees and inspections from all levels of government. Currently we have 11 inspectors and need 10 permits to be in business!

What is happening to our right to public gatherings? This government-required permit is the same as what happened to the citizens in Nazi Germany… more control! Please wake up to the residual effects this ordinance will have on your constituents and place this unnecessary ordinance where it belongs … in the wastebasket!

Tom Bislow

TJ’s Country Corner

Mahtowa, Minn.