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Firearms program very successful

To the Editor:

We would like to give a great big thanks to Mike and Linda Neault of Barnum for being such excellent volunteers in their teaching of Minnesota Firearms Safety Course. These two people just finished teaching a class of 16 people ranging in age from 11 to adults. Mike and Linda used a variety of teaching methods in their class ranging from visual aides, hands on approach, team teaching, guest speaker, Scott Staples area Game Warden, movies, and personal experiences, and their love for hunting and conservation practices.

In addition to the classroom experiences, Mike and Linda brought the class to their personal shooting range, supplied bolt action 22 rifles, ammunition, and targets for the class to hone in on their shooting experience. A mock hunt was also held demonstrating proper handling of firearms in the field, and safety in deer stands.

It is apparent that both of these people teach from their heart and treat their students like family. Thanks for your part in teaching the next generation of hunters how to be SAFE!

Greatful for volunteers,

Pery Affias and Jim Boyd