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Tell the governor that Carlton County needs a judge with strong ties to county

To the Editor:

Judge Dale Wolf’s retirement party last week will probably be one of the last times our community will gather to honor a retiring judge’s lifelong commitment to law and justice in Carlton County.

That’s because the four candidates selected for the governor to appoint to replace Judge Wolf are all Duluth practitioners with nominal ties to Carlton County.

Now, all four nominees will make excellent judges. But there’s some “just as excellent” candidates who have the additional factor of being committed to long-term service to Carlton County — not just in the practice of law, but in service to our community, as well. Call me and I’ll name a few.

I encourage people to contact Governor Dayton and tell him we want a local judge for our local court. I hope he listens. Judge Wolf’s retirement party is evidence that the best local justice comes from the best local practitioners.

Peter L. Radosevich