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Thank you for showing human side of tragedy

To the Editor:

Thank you for not portraying Vanessa as a monster.

Thank you for writing about her tears.

Thank you for relaying the details of the plea bargain.

This is by far the most objective and humane article I have seen written

about her.

Thank you for making me feel like someone else in this world views her as a human being — a mother, a daughter, my sister.

It's easy to forget how much the media influences people’s opinions of

things; especially since the media has not reported the impact that this has had on Vanessa’s family. I am truly grateful to you for showing everyone that she is remorseful; not just a heartless drug addict, devoid of feelings and conscience like most other articles have alluded to.

Thank you, a million times over.

Jessica Mandoli, Cloquet

Editor’s note: This letter is written in reference to the story “Cloquet woman pleads guilty in vehicular homicide case that killed two” that ran on Page A1 of the March 20 issue of the Pine Journal.