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Reader shares admiration for Metso

To the Editor:

I share the sentiments of all Barnum and UMD alum as we celebrate the life of Ron Metso, in part by the retiring of his jersey at Barnum High.

This type of ceremony to honor the late Metso is long overdue. I think that I speak for the minority when I say that his tragic accident, and untimely death, should not keep the Bomber and Bulldog faithful from going the extra mile to honor Ron not only to retire his jersey, but to rename the high school gymnasium in his name. I would hope that this would serve as a testament to what he meant to us fellow Bombers.

He was the epitome of all athletes at Barnum High and UMD. He was hard working, and never passed up the opportunity to say hello, and to lend a hand to others. He was truly my idol, especially when I was the “student manager” during my elementary school days in Barnum. I looked up to him, figuratively and literally. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to watch him play at UMD. I like to think that his positive attitude and dedication to his sport is what gave me the desire to succeed in the classroom and on the track.

I was extremely blessed by sharing a long term friendship with Ron, and one that began when I was merely a young lad growing up in Barnum. It began by sharing a walk with Ron across a football field that will be forever etched in my memory of Ron. I later ran into him while trying out for the Minnesota Gophers junior varsity basketball team in 1984. 

I think he will be smiling down on everyone at Barnum High School on Friday night as they gather together to honor his memory, and his love for the game.

I am not able to attend the ceremony in person, but I will be there in spirit.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope that you might share my feelings with my fellow Bomber and Bulldog alum.

Tim Magnuson

Columbus, Ohio