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Our new judge, Leslie E. Beiers, has strong Carlton County roots

By Senior Judge Dale Wolf

When Judge Leslie Beiers assumes the bench here in Carlton, it will be a homecoming to a familiar courthouse for an outstanding attorney turned jurist. For years, I was fortunate to have Judge Beiers appear before me as a bright young attorney, fresh out of law school and eager to assist disadvantaged people as an energetic civil attorney. She impressed all of us with her capacity to understand the law and apply it to her clients’ factual situations.

She so impressed our county attorney, Marv Ketola, that he hired her to become assistant Carlton County attorney. He was very proud of his selection because she became a very ambitious and aggressive prosecutor. She was always well prepared when she appeared in my court. She became an experienced trial attorney who was tough on crime and a strong advocate for crime victims. She also had a lot of common sense and understood people’s plights and tempered that awesome power as a prosecutor to reach positive and fair outcomes.

She worked hand-in-hand back then with another young prosecutor Mr. Ketola had hired, Robert M. Macaulay. Together they partnered to handle a large caseload and it is very fitting that those two will now be reunited as a team on the judge’s side of the bench in those same courtrooms where they made so many appearances in the past.

We were all sad to see St. Louis County steal her away but they also recognized Ms. Beiers as a rising star. Her many years of service there since then have demonstrated that fact with her impressive work record prosecuting major felonies, handling challenging juvenile matters as well as dealing with civil issues. Our new judge thus comes to the bench with a full background in all areas of the law.

In addition to having Judge Beiers practice law before me, we also became good personal friends. Leslie and I team-taught together at Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College and she was an excellent guest lecturer at my classes at UMD. She is a great communicator who can relate well to people. Early in the course of our friendship, I discovered that in addition to having a keen legal mind, Leslie also had such depth of character with the highest of integrity. She possesses the right temperament to become a wonderful judge. Those of us who know and have worked with her see a person who is patient and courteous, filled with compassion and humility. Yet she is firm on principle, will take on tough issues and will make good decisions. She has always had that strong calling to do public service. She will now continue that public service, taking her new role as judge very seriously, yet not becoming self-centered or aloof.  

For all of these past many years, I was proud to be a judge chambered in Carlton with Judge Macaulay. I am now proud and confident that our new Judge Beiers will do an excellent job for Carlton County, for the entire Sixth District and for the cause of justice for all the people of Minnesota.

Congratulations to Judge Leslie Beiers — and welcome home.

Judge Dale Wolf recently retired after 26 years as Sixth Judicial Court Judge in Carlton County. He now sits on the bench as a senior judge.