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Another snapshot of my life

Tyler Northey

I would have never thought that a camera could take me to so many places ... including this summer internship at the Pine Journal.

Six years ago I picked up a camera for the first time and took action pictures of my twin brother's baseball team. It fascinated me that I could capture a second in time and tell a story with just one click of a button. I then joined the Esko yearbook class in ninth grade and took photos for the yearbook. In the years since, I have gone to many events with my camera: from weddings to state tournament games to robotics competitions. This summer my camera even took me to events I had no clue took place, like the Veterans' Powwow on the Fond du Lac Reservation.

I look back at how much I learned through this summer internship. Along with meeting people, exploring the county, going to court and attending my first city council meeting, I also learned how a small-town paper functions and how connected they are with the community.

The Pine Journal staff also helped me learn how writing for the paper is different than writing for school. With many red marks on my stories, Jana (editor Jana Peterson) took the time to help me learn what was wrong and how to change it. This learning process was one of my favorite things about this internship, along with taking pictures, of course. Getting sent to photograph a local event was the thing I looked forward to most this summer and I enjoyed every event that I attended. These adventures were followed by helpful critiques by Jamie (reporter Jamie Lund), who helped me look through my camera with a different perspective. Thank you to the whole staff at the Pine Journal for helping me along my latest adventure and being so helpful.

Now that my internship has come to an end, I will start my senior year at Esko. I'll enjoy my last year as a buzzy high school student participating in many activities: cross country, Nordic skiing, yearbook editor, fall musical, New Wine, National Honor Society, class officers. I started work on my last yearbook and can't wait to see the final product. My sports have started up already as well — I enjoy being back with my cross country teammates for one last season and hope to make it one to remember. Along with all the activities, I will be searching for a college where I want to study graphic design with some business classes as well.

I'm sad that the internship has come to an end, but glad that I had the chance to work with a great staff this summer. I will miss walking into the office with my arms full of camera gear and notepads, getting my morning welcomes from everyone.

My camera traveled along with me on this adventure and I can only hope that my camera will lead me to my next one.