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Wright Cromwell News: Dec. 29 2016

Well, this is it, the last news article for 2016.  It seems that the years go by faster and faster as we get older and older.  But, then I guess that’s a good thing because time doesn’t go very fast for a lot of folks.

I’ve been doing this since 1982, so going on 35 years now and I still like writing the news and keeping the community informed on what’s going on.  But I also have to thank the folks who have helped me out by giving me their news items or what’s going on in their families, too.

If you live in or around our area, you need to get a copy of the Dec. 22 issue of the Pine Journal. The back page features our own Ailie Costello with a full-page article on her life and it also includes a lot of the history of our area, too. Congratulations to Ailie on reaching the age of 101 and on her great memory. Thanks to Anne Kunkel for writing this important story. Even if you don’t know Ailie, the article will interest you.

I HAVE BIG NEWS: I now have my own website that you can use to find out what’s going on or read the past news columns. The site is so, if you have the capability, try going to this site that was put together by my son-in-law in California.  You can catch up on all the past columns and see some of the photos, etc. that he posts. I am thankful to know such a talented computer guy!

The Community Luminary Service is Sunday, Jan. 8 at 6 p.m. social time and 6:30 p.m. program at the Villa Vista/Cardinal Court. This service is usually held in December, but with Christmas on the weekend, we thought it would be a good idea to have it in January and up at the Villa/CC since the residents and staff can also attend. The names of all area folks who have passed away in the past year will be read and recognized during the bell ringing ceremony and luminary bags can be labeled with their names. We will have a special speaker and there will be several special musical numbers along with community singing. All area folks are encouraged to attend this very special program as we honor the loved ones who are no longer with us.  Luminary bags will be available for $1 each with a maximum of $5 for 5 or more bags.  

Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Wright gathered Dec. 24 for their 100th Christmas Eve service. Next summer they will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the first worship service at the sanctuary.

We wish Mary Dahlman a speedy recovery as she was dealing with a plummeting oxygen level, shortness of breath, and diagnosed with COPD.  She almost made it home from a doctor’s visit, but tumbled over before she could get out of urgent care, therefore she spent three days in the hospital.  

Last chance to stop in at the Carlton County Historical Society in Cloquet to view the artwork of the late Katharine Dahlman. The show will end in January.  Thank you for all those who have attended or have given our family back some of her artwork.

I usually end the year’s news with the list of deaths and the date they died in the area.  It’s a sad list, but an important one as so many of our dear loved ones have passed away this past year.  We offer our sympathy to the families and pray that the memories of loved ones will be held dear. If I missed a name, please let me know so the list can be complete.

John Aho, 74, 1-2-16, Beatrice May Erickson, 79, 1-11-16 (Jennie Sather’s Mom), Eino Elroy Heikkila, 90, 1-15-16, Ronald Nikko, 77, 1-24-16, Millie Isaacson, 86, 1-26-16, David Granholm, 67, 2-4-16, Siiri Lundstrom, 95, 2-7-16, Gerald Smith, 82, 2-9-16, Florence Newgren, 87, 2-11-16, Larry Fortner, 73, 2-17-16, Zula Belle Pelofske Matalamaki, 89, 2-15-16, Orv Evenson, 80, 2-13-16, Aletha Meyer Pinnow, 31, 2-20-16 (Daughter of Bonnie and Bryce Pinnow), Phyllis Kachinske, 91, 3-5-16, Richard “Dick” Salo 83, 3-25-16, Raymond Heikkila, 93, 3-26-16, Mark Warpula, 57, 3-30-16, (Scott’s brother), Roy Tammi, 86, 4-8-16, Jean DeRungs, 85, 4-21-16, Bill Peterson, 71, 4-27-16, Steven Lampi, 68, 4-28-16, Arnold Dahl, 98, 5-1-16, Kenneth Stephen, 89, 5-16-16 (Julie Shelton’s Father), Nathan Smith, 29, 5-19-16, Elaine Carlson Wallin, 79, 5-27-16, Nora Wilkie, 80, 6-6-16 (Gary’s Mom) Roger Ralph Davidson, 69, 6-11-16 (Annie Heaser’s brother), Violet Priem, 83, 4-25-16, Roger Shelton, 89, 6-12-16 (Lloyd’s brother), Anna Berg, 104, 6-16-16 – Tamarack Presbyterian church, Helen Latvala, 90, 6-23-16, Joyce Groth Hintz, 91, 7-2-16, Harold Lockling, 69, 8-1-16, Art Jauss, 98 ½, 8-12-16, Zona Turja, 83, 8-27-16, Vernon “Fuzz” Strom, 86, 9-1-16, Fredrick “Fred” Stewart, 68, 9-7-16, Linda Moose, 55, 9-27-16 (Caroline Boelter’s daughter) , Ruth Widstrom, 93, 9-16-16, Jean Kamppi, 85, 10-6-16, Caroline D. Boelter, 76, 10-15-16 , Jerry Chmielewski, 79, 12-6-16, Lori Jurek Negard, 52, 12-5-16, Jim Edwards, 78, 12-12-16,  and Robert W. Beldon, 74, 12-12-16.

That’s all the news from Lake Bekindtoall and Happy New Year to all!