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Wright-Cromwell News

Ronald Bratlie is the new superintendent of the Cromwell-Wright School District, starting July 1. He can be reached at 218-644-3737, ext 1005, or via e-mail at

The Tamarack Presbyterian Church will hold their annual All-You-Can-Eat Spaghetti Dinner and Salad Bar on Saturday, Sept. 14, from 5-8 p.m. Everyone is welcome.

There will be an 80th birthday party for Marilyn Steffer at the Tamarack Presbyterian Church on Sunday, Sept. 8, right after the 11 a.m. services. Everyone is invited to attend.

Plan now to attend Cromwell Harvest Fest Sept. 6-8. There will be a parade, vendors, flea market, displays, smorgasbord, volleyball and horseshoe tournament, etc. Vendors, crafters and flea marketers wishing to reserve a space for Saturday should contact Deb Switzer at 218-340-1968 or Cherie Nyberg at 701-367-1268.

The Tri-Community Food Shelf is looking for garden produce this month and next. Please bring any produce you have to share to the Food Shelf in the Old Trolley Building in Cromwell on Fridays from 3-5 p.m.

Class reunions are still going on. With that in mind, Florence and Yvonne want to announce the Class of 1953 will have their 60th class reunion on Sept. 7 at the Country Inn Café in Cromwell at 1 p.m. You can call Florence at 651-271-7052 or Yvonne at 218-357-2212 for more information or to sign up.

Our best get-well wishes go out to Marilyn Olesiak Kiehl as she recovers from injuries sustained in a car accident. On Aug. 30, Marilyn and Florian Chmielewski were in an accident in Sturgeon Lake on a county road. She will be in the hospital a week and then a nursing home a couple of months for rehabilitation. We wish her a speedy recovery. Florian was kept in the Moose Lake hospital overnight and released the next day.

Here's the latest update from Steve Hallgren's wife, Kim: "Well we've been home a good week now and Steve has already planned his next venture. He is traveling with Ben and Rich (our neighbor) to the Redwoods. He's always wanted Rich to see them so off they go, leaving next Friday. Steve is feeling well and is up to 152 pounds. He is still woken up by nausea every morning and although anxious to do things, does tire out quickly. He attributes it to being 50 now. However, I've never seen him as miserable as he was at the top of the world's largest zip line (5,330 feet long, 1,300 foot vertical drop, 60 mph maximum speed, 300 feet highest point from ground, 1.5 minute ride time) in Hoonah, Alaska. The zip line was about an hour school bus ride up a gravelly dirt road to the top of Ear Mountain. About 30 brave souls lined up in front of the gangplank that leads you to six zip line take-off chairs. Somehow we ended up at the back of the line. It was about 10 minutes between each take-off, the return up the mountain of the chairs, and the seating of the next victims, I mean riders. This was far too much time to think for someone afraid of heights. As each group took off, Steve's face became more ashen. He tried not to look down the hill, focusing instead on the bonfire built off to the side to warm up the staff. Japanese teenagers ahead of him in line did cheerleading jumps to entertain us. Steve could not be distracted. He'd begin to approach the gangplank and turn around, groan and mutter "I can't do it. I can't do it." If Roger, at 82 years of age, was going to do this with no drama, Steve was making up for it. The groans became deeper; I think he was actually making himself sick. I have to admit I would normally try to make the situation worse and be entertained by his facial features, but he was more miserable than I've ever seen -- worse than Half Dome in Yosemite, the side of the Grand Canyon, or even our roof. Encouragement was needed. 'C'mon. You can do it. It will be great. C'mon, let's go.' I tried. The seven-year-old behind us jumped up and down in anticipation. Steve asked to switch spots with me, to not be on the end chair, so we did. It turned out to be the slowest chair so I could watch him all the way down. He did great; even looked around a bit, he said. It was a great ride and I'll try to post the video on Facebook if I can; the camera was duct taped to my hand. I'm not sure how many more wild rides are in store for Steve, but apparently he is not done looking for them. Please pray for continued health for him and safe travels to California. May God continue to bless you all."

That's all the news from Lake Watchforchildren and hello to all the teachers, staff, athletes, preschoolers and students in our area schools. Have a great year!