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Letter to the Editor...Hard work at Pine Valley shouldn't go unnoticed

To the Editor:

In a hockey town such as Cloquet, I think we sometimes tend to forget there are other winter sports carrying on throughout the community. I, for one, though, am reminded of other great activities and the great treasure we have right here every time I go to the Pine Valley Recreation Area and ski a loop around the course. With a year lacking snow such as this, I am so thankful for those who are delicately grooming the scarce snow we have and doing a fantastic job considering. Late [last] Saturday afternoon I was even more amazed, though, by people - I am assuming students from the ski team and perhaps their parents, coaches and volunteers - tirelessly and relentlessly hauling snow to the course with simple tools such as a sled and shovel, and then carefully hand grooming it all. And mind you, this isn't just for them. All who use the public trail get to benefit from their hard work, dedication and perseverance, and this should not go unnoticed.

Kelly Anderson