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Last chance, last night for the Haunted Yard on Hawthorne is Saturday (Oct. 28)

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From the outside, it is any house. White with dark shutters, the number 837 large above a black mailbox. Enter the back yard, though, and you will be transported into a world of witches and werewolfs, pumpkin headed monsters with glowing eyes, skeletel hissing pets, Chuckie and his bride, and many more faces that watch in the night.

They lurk there now, in the dark, waiting for thrill seekers to make their way to 837 Hawthorne Street in Cloquet, a few doors away from Big Lake Road. If you're reading this Friday night (Oct. 27), hurry, hurry. Get there before 9 p.m. But if you read this Saturday (Oct. 28), there is time to prepare yourself for a homespun Halloween adventure on Hawthorne Street. The yard will be open and accepting visitors from 7 -10 p.m. Donations (to help make it bigger and better) are encouraged but not required.

Because really, it's just about scaring people ... not money. Ha ha ha ha ha, said homeowner Glenda Miller.

"This is my Christmas," she said. Her gory and otherwise frightening friends and family agree.

See you there ... if you dare.