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To the Editor: An open letter to the residents of Wrenshall School District:

To the Editor:

At a recent community meeting, we were told about four options for our school ranging from $5,888,700 to $15,852,700 with an added zero option of $3,488,700. Huh?! Didn't we just go through this?

To the point of this letter, our board has a bid to replace the entire roof with a cost of $387,140 (ballast type) and another for $571,400 (adhered type) — a $200,000 or so difference. Both types carry a 20-year warranty. The board decided they didn't have money but could do the roof over the pool at a cost of $64,077, which included temporary repairs on the whole roof. It was scheduled then cancelled as someone on the board wanted an adhered roof (cost approximately $200,000). Both have a 20-year warranty.

At the August meeting, two board members put their heads together and added items to the ballast type roof to get the cost up to the higher bid ($64,000 to approximately $120,000). The other board members watched and listened, doing nothing. When the two were satisfied they announced they would do the "cadillac" roof (with no vote). It was quite a thing to watch.

They had the money to do the ballast type but decided to do the "cadillac" type (with no vote), which will take a special meeting to find (borrow?) the funds.

The entire roof will cost $200,000 more for an adhered roof. We need work on the boiler, windows, doors, Rec building, etc., so why spend money we don't have?

Come to the next meeting at 6 p.m. Sept. 14 and get involved.

Tony Sheda