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To the Editor: Carlton voters and school board should work together

To the Editor:

Carlton School District voters made it clear on Aug. 8 that they do not agree with the plan put to voters by the school board. Now is the time to let Carlton School Board members know what the best path forward is for the district. Attend the next school board meeting and speak during the public comment period, send them an email (see for email addresses), or reach out to them in some other way.

I have faith the school board will be responsive to the vote results, carefully consider alternative solutions that voters propose, and ultimately choose a path that the majority of voters can support. Voters overwhelmingly rejected one plan on Aug. 8, but the school board will need direction for where to go from here.

Some may characterize the "no" vote as a "do nothing" strategy. That's only the case if voters don't seize the opportunity to inform school board members of the best path forward for the district and the majority of voters.

Josh Rostollan

Perch Lake Township