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Join us for a 'Celebration of North Country Bread and Jam'

How would you like to try a piece of fresh-baked pulla with aronia jelly? While this might sound a bit exotic, it's actually a treat with deep roots in northern Minnesota.

Pulla, also known as cardamom bread, nisu or Finnish biscuit, is a braided sweet bread served in many Scandinavian homes. It was one of Emma Olson's favorite breads to bake for the Carlton County Farmers Market, and one of the most popular with her customers.

Emma, a founding member of the Market, was always willing to share her baking and preserving knowledge. She passed away in January at the age of 96, after baking for the 2016 season and more than 30 years at the Market offering garden produce and breads including rye, honey wheat, and wild rice. On Saturday, July 15, from 9 a.m. to noon we will honor her legacy and give out her special recipe for cardamom bread (pulla) at "A Celebration of North Country Bread and Jam" at the Farmers Market in Cloquet.

Emma's special-recipe pulla will be served, as well as breads by new bakers Elizabeth Naglak and Terry Sharkey. To top the breads, a selection of jams and jellies from longtime preservers Georgia Guite, John Gaus and Ken and Ruth Jorgenson. We'll have Minnesota classics like blueberry and strawberry-rhubarb, plus strawberry-banana, elderberry, raspberry-jalapeno and aronia. Aronia, or black chokeberry, is a native Minnesota shrub, and its berries make a rich, delicious jelly resembling black currant.

Please join Emma's family and friends to honor her life and two of her favorite crafts — baking and preserving — at the Carlton County Farmers Market, 904 Highway 33 South, in front of Premier Theatres.