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'Blessing of the cars' kicks off car-show season

Christian Motorcycle Association President Rick Lahti (right) mingles with MIke Goldsmith (left) and Tom Dusek who attended Thursday’s “Blessing of the Cars,” an event held annually at Gordy’s Hi-Hat in Cloquet. Contributed Photo

God met classic cars and hamburgers last month in Cloquet, as the annual ''Blessing of the Cars'' was held May 18, at Gordy's Hi-Hat.

Members of the local Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA) attend this event each year, and supply each car's owner with an ''I was Blessed'' sticker for the classic cars. The event is open to the public, any motorcycle or classic car owner, and anyone who has an interest in these pastimes. Many of the diners came out to view the machines as well as passersby who caught the event in progress.

Local minister John Napoli gave the blessing for the cars. Napoli referred to a scripture from I Kings 7: 18-35 about movable stands with wheels and axles and related how these ancient movable stands were similar to modern-day automobiles. The blessing included a prayer for the safety of each car's occupants on their travels to various communities and events. Members of CMA also gave prayers over any car at the request of the owner.

This annual event marks the beginning of the season for car/motorcycle shows. Many times the CMA has day cruises to various towns and events for those interested. Linda Boyd, spokesperson for "Cruisin' Friends," prepared calendars for members of the group with the car show season now upon us.