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Barnum Elementary hosts annual science fair

Whether it was testing to see if dog's saliva actually gets rid of bacteria or finding out which type of soil earthworms prefer, Barnum students in grades 4-6 followed the scientific method while creating their annual science fair experiment. The eighth annual event was held March 16 and featured over 175 exhibits on display in the Barnum School cafeteria.

"You could feel the excitement and energy as individuals proudly demonstrated what they discovered about their chosen science topic," said Paula Baier, fourth-grade teacher at Barnum.

"We would like to give special thanks to the parents for guiding their child with their experiment and attending our Science Fair," she continued. "Your support plays a large part in your child's success!

The winners were chosen by adult judges, and the Kids Choice Awards were chosen by student votes.


Grade 4

First — "Horse Sense" by Cora

Second — "The Pain Between Us" by Lily

Third — "Does Electricity Move Better Through Thick vs Thin Wire?" by Kaden

Grade 5

First — "What Was I Doing" by Jorja

Second — "Beard or Not to Beard" by Orrin

Third — "Dog Drool vs Germs" by Skylar

Grade 6

First — "Now You See It" by Rayna and "Why Is It Cooler by the Lake?" by Murray

Second — "Which Stays the Coolest?" by Ryan

Third — "Air Rifle Science" by Parker

Kid's Choice Awards

Grade 4

First — "Gravity vs. Tornadoes" by Brooklyn Peterson

Second — "Growing Gummie Bear" by Neela Pirri

Third — "What's your Flavor Dawg?" by Pierce Korpela

Grade 5

First — "Does the Watt of a LIghtbulb Affect Cooking Time?" by Saniya Edwards and Graceanna Stecyk

Second — "Wash Over Time" by Ella Heaton

Third — "Tastes like Chicken" by Brayden Carlson

Grade 6

First — "Gummi Bear Lab" by Naomi Poirier and Jaylin Stahlbusch

Second — "The Most Egg-cellent Project" by Christian Olson and Braden Parzy

Third — "Exploding Foam" by Lilly Higgins and Alli Marine