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Snow ending in Northland; more than a half-foot reported in some areas

A hen mallard and a drake mallard walk through a slushy snow at Forest Hill Cemetery in the Woodland neighborhood of Duluth on Saturday afternoon, April 6, 2013. (Clint Austin / / 2
As rain, snow, and fog blankets the area Anna Stromberg of Duluth runs along Woodland Avenue in Duluth Saturday afternoon. On a five mile run, Stromberg remarked, "it's definitely slippery out there." (Clint Austin / / 2

Accumulating snow has largely ended in the Northland this evening. The early spring storm dropped more than a half-foot of snow in some locations.

Roads across the region are reported to be in difficult to hazardous driving condition, with hard-packed snow and ice causing spinouts and rollovers.

A weather spotter west of Two Harbors reported total snowfall of 10.7 inches through 7 p.m. today. Other spotter reports relayed by the National Weather Service included 9 inches at Babbitt; 8.5 inches near Virginia; 8 inches at Larsmont; and 4.1 inches at the Duluth airport.

After a partly sunny, mild day on Sunday, there will be another chance for rain and snow in the Northland from Sunday night into Monday.