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Superior police officer accused of misconduct resigns

Superior Master Police Officer Daniel E. Hawkin II

A 20-year-career in law enforcement ended Jan 24, when Master Police Officer Daniel E. Hawkin II resigned from the Superior Police Department.

Capt. Matt Markon confirmed the resignation Monday and said Hawkin left the department voluntarily. Hawkin was on a two-year, last-chance agreement at the time of the resignation. He was placed on the agreement after he pleaded guilty in June to a disorderly conduct charge in Minnesota State District Court in Carlton County.

The former officer was paid out his accumulated vacation, according to Superior Human Resources Administrator Cammi Koneczny. He remains on paid administrative leave through Feb. 29, she said. He can use his banked health insurance for COBRA benefits and will be eligible to receive Wisconsin Retirement Benefits when he reaches retirement age.

Hawkin was accused of punching his then-girlfriend and leaving her on the side of the road in the early morning after the couple left Black Bear Casino on Jan. 23, 2011. Then-Police Chief Floyd Peters determined Hawkin's actions constituted a violation of the department's standards of conduct. Hawkin was stripped of his sergeant rank and removed from collateral assignments within the Superior Police Department as part of disciplinary action against him.

The resignation comes at a time when the department is short-staffed. Officer Kirk Babic, who is accused of stealing more than $5,000 from a pooled fund to support a law enforcement fitness center, is serving a 60-day unpaid suspension. He will return to work on Feb. 12, Markon said. Babic also faces one count of felony theft in Douglas County Circuit Court.

Another member of the department, Capt. Chad La Lor, is on paid administrative leave for an undetermined amount of time pending an investigation into perjury. La Lor is accused of giving untruthful testimony during a hearing before the Police and Fire Commission in November. The hearing was set to determine whether Babic's employment would be terminated.