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COURT FILE NO. 09-JV-14-136

In Re: The Child of:

TRISHA M. MCMILLEN (dob: 03/21/1997) and BRODERIC T. MULLEN (dob: 06/22/1995)

TO: Trisha McMillen:

Petition was filed with the Court on August 15, 2014, alleging Child in Need of Protection or Other Services. The Court has set September 9, 2014 at 9:30 a.m., as the time, and the Courthouse in Carlton, Minnesota, as the place, for a hearing to be held in the above-entitled matter.

YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED AND REQUIRED to appear before this Court on that date at said hearing.

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: That the hearing will be held for the purpose of determining whether the child is in need of protection or services in accordance with Minnesota law.

Failure to appear may result in a finding of contempt of the Court's order to appear or the issuance of a warrant for the arrest of that person summoned or both.

Failure to appear may also result in the Court conducting the hearing in your absence and the hearing may result in an order granting the relief requested in the petition including an order to terminate your parents rights to the child or an order transferring legal and physical rights of your child to another adult.

If the Court finds that grounds exist for the petitions, the Court could determine that the child is in need of protection or services and then order any services or other conditions deemed necessary to correct the conditions that lead to the child protection finding. These services and conditions could include but are not limited to foster care, transfer of custody or termination of parental rights.

In connection with these proceedings, you have the following rights: 1) To be represented by a lawyer at all stages of the proceedings. If you cannot afford a lawyer, you are entitled to have a lawyer appointed for you at county expense. 2) To introduce evidence at the hearing. 3) To cross examine witnesses testifying against the child. 4) To inspect any report filed with the Court, and if it is admitted in evidence, to cross examine the preparer of such report. 5) To obtain a transcript of the proceedings, if you request that they be recorded. 6) To appeal decisions of the juvenile court. 7) To have subpoenas issued by the court on your behalf requiring the attendance and testimony of witnesses.

The child has the same rights in connection with the proceedings that you do except that a lawyer will automatically be appointed by the court to represent the child, without regard to whether the child and his parents can afford to retain a lawyer.

If you desire to retain a lawyer, you should do so immediately, so you will be ready at the hearing. If you desire to be represented by a lawyer, but cannot afford the cost, you must immediately notify the court that you want an appointed lawyer.

DATE: 8-15-2014

/s/ Judy L. Korby

Judy L. Korby

Deputy Court Administrator