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The City Council of the City of Cloquet hereby ordains as follows:

Section 1. That Section 4.1.01 be amended as follows:

4.1.01 The Police Department. The Police Department of the City is hereby continued. The head of the Police Department shall be known as the Chief of Police. The Chief of Police shall be responsible to and report to the City Administrator. The number of members of the Police Department, together with their ranks and titles, shall be determined by the City Council by resolution from time to time. The compensation to be paid to members of the Police Department shall be fixed by the City Council. Members of the Police Department shall be appointed by the City Council in accordance with [START STRIKEOUT] the existing procedures of the City's civil service policy [END STRIKEOUT] [START UNDERLINE] the Council's authority and its rules and standards related to hiring.[END UNDERLINE]

[START STRIKEOUT]Subd. 1. Qualifications. All police officers shall meet the minimum standards for licensing as a peace officer as established by the Minnesota Peace Officers Standards and Training Board and shall be required to have a current and valid peace officer license at the time of appointment. All police officers shall retain such license during their employment as a police officer with the City and will be subject to discharge if such license is suspended, revoked or becomes invalid for any reason. In addition, all police officers must have a valid Minnesota vehicle operator's license and must be insurable as a vehicle driver by the city's automobile insurance carrier.

Subd. 2 Duties of Police. Members of the Police Department shall enforce the laws promulgated to the City, State of Minnesota, and Federal Government. Police shall be authorized consistent with the laws to bring violators before the Court, and shall be responsible for making complaints for offenses coming to their knowledge. Members of the Police Department shall serve processes on behalf of the City and shall serve such notices as may be required by the city council, the court, or other authority. When the City is not a party to the proceedings involved in the process or notice, the officer shall collect the same fees as provided by law. All such fees shall be paid into the city treasury.[END STRIKEOUT]

Subd. [START STRIKEOUT] 3 [END STRIKEOUT] [START UNDERLINE]1[END UNDERLINE] Uniform and Badge. Each member of the Police Department shall, while on duty, wear a suitable badge and uniform furnished by the City, except that the Chief of Police, Deputy Chief, and Detectives are authorized to the performance of specific duties while not in uniform. When a member terminates membership in the Police Department, the member shall immediately deliver to the City the badge, uniform, [START UNDERLINE] weapons [END UNDERLINE] and all other property of the City.

Subd. [START STRIKEOUT] 4[[END STRIKEOUT] [START UNDERLINE]2.[END UNDERLINE] Police Department Policy Manual Adopted. The Police Department [START UNDERLINE]Policy [END UNDERLINE] Manual, as amended, containing the general policies, procedures and rules for operation of the Police Department of the City is hereby adopted, as the official departmental policy manual of the department.

Subd. [START STRIKEOUT] 5[END STRIKEOUT] [START UNDERLINE]3.[END UNDERLINE] Extra Police. In case of riot or other law enforcement emergency, the Chief of Police may appoint for a specified time as many special police officers as may be necessary for the maintenance of law and order. During such term of appointment, the special police officer shall have only those powers and perform only those duties as shall be specifically assigned by the Chief of Police. This authority can be exercised in conjunction with the authority extended to the Chief of Police to utilize the voluntary police reserve.

Section 2. That Section 4.3 be amended as follows:

4.3.01 Citizen Advisory Board. It shall be deemed advisable, and in the public interest, for the City to establish a community based advisory board to assist and provide objective community perspective to the Cloquet [START STRIKEOUT] Fire and [END STRIKEOUT] Police Department [START STRIKEOUT]s[END STRIKEOUT] with regard to the handling of disciplinary procedures, public complaints and hiring procedures.

4.3.02 Composition of Board. A single advisory board shall serve as a resource for [START STRIKEOUT] both [END STRIKEOUT] the police [START STRIKEOUT] and fire [END STRIKEOUT]department [START STRIKEOUT]s[END STRIKEOUT] and shall be composed in the same manner set forth below.

Subd. 1. Membership. There will be three members of the Advisory Board who must be citizens of the State of Minnesota and must necessarily be residents living within the city limits of the City of Cloquet. No Board member shall be appointed or serve on the Advisory Board while serving or holding an elected office with the City nor can they hold employment with the City or with any police or fire department. All Board members will also be required to provide an oath agreeing to faithfully perform their duties. The terms of the Board members will be staggered three (3) year terms with an appointed position becoming vacant each year.

4.3.03 Duties. From and after the appointment of the Advisory Board, the Advisory Board will provide objective community perspective and advise the police [START STRIKEOUT] and fire [END STRIKEOUT]department[START STRIKEOUT]s[END STRIKEOUT]with regard to the hiring and supervision over the employment, promotion, discharge and suspension of all officers and employees of the police [START STRIKEOUT] and fire [END STRIKEOUT] department [START STRIKEOUT]s[END STRIKEOUT] of the City as provided in this Code and in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Citizen Advisory Board previously adopted and specifically incorporated herein by reference.

[START UNDERLINE]4.3.04 Organization, Meetings. The Board shall, at its first meeting in each calendar year, elect from among its members a chairperson, a vice-chairperson, and a secretary. The Board shall hold at least one regular meeting annually and shall follow Minnesota Statutes in terms of the open meeting law by posting agendas, recording and keeping minutes of its meetings and other such requirements as detailed under these Statutes.[END UNDERLINE]

Section 3. Effective Date. This Ordinance shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage and publication in accordance with law.

Passed this 20th day of May, 2014.


By: Bruce Ahlgren

Its Mayor


Brian Fritsinger

Its City Administrator