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Drivers need to pay attention to highway traffic changes

While plenty of comment and a few accidents have kept the flashing yellow lights (or lack thereof) in the news, Highway 33 project supervisor Jim Sorenson would like drivers to pay attention to a couple other changes to the roadway through Cloquet to avoid creating even more accidents.

Two crossings were eliminated during construction – one at Armory Road and the other between the Brenny Dahl exit and L&M – and changed into turn lanes. (See drawing for visual.)

Sorensen explained that some drivers are continuing to cross Highway 33 from the west at the frontage road located near Brenny Dahl. This location is a right turn only to southbound Highway 33, and no crossing to L&M is allowed at this location. Traffic is also trying to cross from the northbound lanes at this location to Brenny Dahl and the Armory. This movement is also not allowed.

Drivers should access the Armory and SuperOne/Pine Tree Mall area from the south using the new left turn lane at Armory Drive.