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Eh? Moose Lake student's photo to hang in U.S. Capitol

A photo shot in Duluth will be displayed at the U.S. Capitol for a year through the Congressional Art Competition.

Tachianna Charpenter, a Moose Lake eighth-grader, won first place in the Minnesota 8th District contest for her black-and-white photo titled "Alone" (pictured above). Her work will be among the art displayed from across the country in the "Artistic Discovery" exhibition at the Capitol.

Charpenter told Rep. Chip Cravaack's office she took the photo of her cousin "on a marvelous day in Duluth." She said she likes the way it shows movement in the wind, and she used black-and-white because it shows shadow and texture better.

A self-portrait in ink by Gabrielle Berkhoel of Grand Rapids High School took second place and will be displayed in Cravaack's main office in North Branch, Minn.

Honorable mentions went to Sara Swenson of Littlefork-Big Falls School and Laura Lemke of Grand Rapids High School.

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