Moose Lake Community School makes its move


Moose Lake will hold an open house for its brand new preK-12 community school from 4-6 p.m. today (Aug. 31) and members of the public are invited.

The school is located at 4812 County Road 10, Moose Lake, high atop a hill overlooking the southern Carlton County town. The elevation is important, because the old school was located in a flood zone and, after repeated floods and many decades of use, was simply worn out.

The story of the new school is also a story of state support for a struggling community. After several unsuccessful referendums, the state of Minnesota agreed to underwrite 60 percent of the school’s cost if the community could pass a successful referendum. In November 2014, the bond passed and the walls started going up in February 2016.

In small towns like this, the school is the heart and soul of the community. Under the guidance of the building designer and architects at ARI, the interior concept of the Moose Lake Community School was developed by embracing natural elements found in the community of Moose Lake. BOLDT served as construction manager for the $34.7 million project.