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CMS announces February Students of the Month

Isaac Quaas1 / 2
Nathaniel Copeland2 / 2

The following students were named February students of the month at Cloquet Middle School:

Name: Nathaniel Copeland

Grade: 6

Parents: Theresa and Joseph Copeland

Who nominated this student and why: James Cotner, E/BD teacher

I have the privilege of teaching Nathaniel in my sixth-grade reading class. Nathaniel is a bright young man with a great sense of humor who always brings excitement and positivity to our room. Nathaniel has a unique talent of being able to do elaborate tricks with a yo-yo. The class is often excited when Nathaniel offers to teach us a new trick that he has learned. Nathaniel will be greatly missed as he moves to seventh grade next year.

Name: Isaac Quaas

Grade: 8

Parents: Beth and Darren Quaas

Who nominated this student and why: Jeff Cherne, band instructor

Isaac has played the clarinet for the past three years. During that time he has made wonderful progress on learning the fundamentals of his instrument. He attends all of his lessons and understands his music at a high level. I would describe Isaac as a great student with a really positive attitude who truly enjoys being a part of the middle school band.