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Cloquet Middle School announces Students of the Month

Name: Ethan Matzdorf

School: Cloquet Middle School

Grade: 8

Parents: Keith and Shannon Matzdorf

Who nominated this student and why:  Matt Winbigler, science teacher

“Ethan is a genuine good guy and a natural scientist. He is consistently making connections between topics in science, life and between his other subjects. He is always alert and enthusiastic in working with his peers to be the best at what he is working on learning. Ethan goes the extra mile to help out peers and staff with his technology skills. He has helped in teaching community education classes on using iPads and is always helping to maintain classroom sets at school. He is highly regarded here and Cloquet is lucky to have him as one of its own!! Congratulations, Ethan!”

Name: Austin Johnson

School: Cloquet Middle School

Grade: 6

Parents: Marcus Johnson and Michele Baker

Who nominated this student and why:  Ann Yorston, sixth-grade teacher

“Austin displays responsibility for his learning and is always committed to doing his best. He sets a subtly quiet yet powerful example for other students regarding how to treat his peers and teachers with respect. Recently, he has been working on a group project that has required him not only to be cooperative and patient with his group members but also to take a leadership role, which he has done in an incredibly respectful way that is difficult to do as a sixth-grade student. Austin is the type of person who does not look for a reward for going out of his way to help another student — he does this every day out of the goodness of his heart. Often times, he is the first one to jump up and help someone if they drop something and the first one to offer a pencil to someone if they don’t have one. He comes to school every day with a positive attitude that is contagious with not only other students, but with myself as well. Austin has nothing but positive things to say about his classmates. Not only does he warm the hearts of others, but he also has an incredible sense of humor that makes me smile every day. From every ‘Good Morning’ to ‘Have a great weekend, Miss Yorston,’ Austin has shown that we are all very lucky to have him in our class. He does acts of kindness on a daily basis and deserves the honor of being Student of the Month.”