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Esko sends four teams to state Destination ImagiNation

The Esko DI Team “Celestrians” includes (from left) Sarah Bohren, Sarah Bisel, Sara Peterson, Ben Peterson and Julia Bisel. Contributed Photo 1 / 4
The Creative Critters are going to State in the scientific challenge, “Going to Extremes” category. Team members are (front) Allison Thornton, (middle row) Alexandra Aker, Neysa Munthe and Kaitlyn Salmela, (back row) Grace Liupakka, Haley Staples and Sydney Poppenberg. The team manager is Joyce Bergstedt. Contributed Photo 2 / 4
The Allies are excited to qualify for State in the secondary level in the Scientific Challenge, “Going to Extremes.” Their challenge was based upon a visit to the Black Hole. Team members are (from left) Sawyer Forslund, Nate Sunde, Madi Marzolf, Paige McCoy, Rose Jasken and Jodi Claflin. The team manager is Michael Jasken. Contributed Photo 3 / 4
The Doodleskeez team is an elementary level team (fourth-graders) and qualified in “The Tension Builds” structural challenge. Team members include (front row, from left) Riley McIlvain and Keone Anderson, (back row) Ellie Regas, Maria Rydberg, Mollie Belich, Jordynne Wohling, and Audrey Menor. Team managers are Hope Marciulionis and Laura Zimny. Contributed Photo 4 / 4

Approximately 75 Esko students, participating on 11 teams, competed in the Destination ImagiNation regional tournament in Proctor on March 8.  

Destination ImagiNation is a creative, problem-solving program which encourages teams of students to solve challenges based on the team members’ interests.

Three Esko teams received special awards. The Allies, a Senior Level team, and the Numinuminums, a Middle Level team, each received DaVinci Awards for exceptional creativity. The Twitches received the Spirit of Discovery Award for quickly adjusting to an absent team member.

Four Esko teams qualified for the state competition to be held at Jackson Middle School in Champlin on Saturday, April 12.  

Two teams qualified in the “Going to Extremes” scientific challenge category, in which teams had to create a story about characters who adapt to survive in an extreme environment. A piece of extreme gear also had to be incorporated into the story.

The fifth-grade team, the Creative Critters, based its team challenge on a visit to Saturn. The challenge for the Esko High School team, The Allies, was based upon a visit to the Black Hole.

In other categories, the Doodleskeez team qualified in “The Tension Builds” structural challenge category. Teams had to build a structure that could be tested simultaneously from two different forces. A prop that fit in a predetermined space had to be designed and then constructed during the team’s performance, telling a story in which tension is a problem that poses a threat to stability, and its solution. The Doodleskeez structure built of wood, glue and fishing line held 385 pounds at the regional tournament at Proctor High School.

The Celestrians qualified in the “Pandemonium Improvisational Challenge” in which teams had to present a five-minute skit based on material planned during a planning period beforehand. Stage makeup had to enhance one character. A character from the past and a character from the present had to interact. The difference in the character’s time periods and lifestyles had to be used to solve a problem.

The state competition is Saturday, April 12, in Champlin Park, Minn.