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Pine Journal staff have further clarified some information in the story, “Felon faces new charges after failure to appear,” about Wayne Joseph Bosto that appeared on Page A1 of the Dec. 12 Pine Journal.

In the story, we noted that assault charges were filed against Bosto 18 months after the incident, and wrote that part of the reason for the lengthy delay was that the Cloquet City Attorney’s office had not turned over the case to the Carlton County Attorney’s office in a timely manner.

In fact, William Helwig of the Cloquet City Attorney’s office shared emails his office sent to the Cloquet Police Department within two weeks of the assault on June 1, 2012, during which Bosto is alleged to have beaten a 24-year-old man in the head with a baseball bat, causing severe head injuries. Six weeks after the attack, the City Attorney’s office sent the reports to the County Attorney’s office for the first time (because they had been waiting for receipt of medical records). Nine months after the attack, the city sent a letter asking again that the County Attorney’s office file charges.

A third letter, 11 months after the attack, did result in charges being filed by Assistant County Attorney Michael Boese within 10 days. (So charges were actually filed 12 months after the attack, not 18 months later.) However, Bosto did not appear in court until almost seven more months had passed, when he was picked up on a warrant for failing to appear on previous charges (of being a felon in possession of a firearm).

The first two communications to the County Attorney’s office, the Pine Journal learned, went to Assistant County Attorney James Ross, who subsequently took a leave of absence from his job, and the letters were likely misplaced during the process of reassigning Ross’s caseload to other assistant county attorneys in the office. Ross is still on leave of absence. His legal reasons for waiting to file charges in the case are unknown because he’s on leave.

 “This may just be one of those unfortunate things that fell through the cracks,” Helwig said in an email regarding the case.