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Law enforcement seeks public's help in Cromwell homicide

Investigation into the homicide on the Krogh Road in Carlton County is ongoing. Investigators discovered that a pickup truck belonging to the male victim had been missing from his residence at the time deputies responded to the reported deaths.

The pickup truck was a 1999 red Chevrolet Z-71 extended cab, short box, with a red topper. The topper windows were decorated with bumper stickers displaying car racing and hunting themes.

The pickup truck was recovered by the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office on Jan. 8 at approximately 10:25 p.m., when it was reported on fire in the roadway near the 7700 block of Albert Road in the Saginaw area.

Law enforcement is asking for assistance from the public. Anyone in the Albert Road area on Saturday, Jan. 8, 2011, who noticed any vehicles or people that were out of place or seemed suspicious, or if anyone saw this pickup truck, call the Carlton County Sheriff's Office at 218-384-3236.

Anyone with any other information regarding this incident is urged to contact their local law enforcement or the Carlton County Sheriff's Office.

The names of the victims are still being withheld.

More information will be released as soon as it becomes available.