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MSOP client charged with criminal sexual conduct


A resident of the Minnesota Sexual Offender Program (MSOP) was charged with criminal sexual conduct in the first degree in Carlton County Court Monday.

Brian Lee Sorenson, 38, was charged with a total of four counts of criminal sexual conduct relating to an incident at the MSOP facility in Moose Lake in the early hours of the morning of Dec. 30.

According to the criminal complaint, Sorenson assaulted his roommate at the residential treatment center, causing a bloody nose, and forced him to engage in both oral and anal sex. Afterward, according to the complaint, Sorenson allegedly tried to strangle the victim with a belt, at which point the person managed to get to the intercom to call for help.

Although Sorenson requested the court allow him to return to the facility in Moose Lake through attorney Jeremy Downs, prosecuting attorney Nichole Carter argued that Sorenson should remain at the Carlton County jail.

"I am concerned about the safety of the other residents," Carter told Judge Robert Macaulay. "There is evidence this crime had been planned."

Carter also cited Sorenson's criminal history, which includes convictions of attempted second-degree murder, fourth-degree assault, felony third-degree assault, and charges of terroristic threats/reckless disregard dating from 1994 to 2007, when he was sent to the MSOP facility in Moose Lake.

Judge Robert Macaulay ruled Sorenson would have to remain in the Carlton County jail until his next appearance.

Although Downs represented Sorenson for his arraignment Monday, Sorenson will be represented by attorney Terri Ann Port Wright, who is representing all the MSOP residents facing criminal charges in Carlton County.