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Four more Cloquet area residents face charges in shooting on Fond du Lac Reservation, five charged in all

All five people involved in an incident that culminated with a shooting on March 29 at a residence on the Fond du Lac Reservation are facing criminal charges.

"I hate to open files on that many people, but in this case, it was warranted," said Carlton County Attorney Thom Pertler.

Last week, Francis Alan Martineau, 46, was charged with one count of felony second degree assault and one count of misdemeanor fifth degree assault in the incident which took place at his home on Whispering Pine Drive. He is accused of firing a high-powered air rifle, hitting a 35-year-old man twice in the chest, according to police.

The man, Thomas Ray Holmes, was treated at St. Luke's Hospital in Duluth for non-life-threatening injuries. The bullets caused a minor fracture of one of his ribs. Holmes has since been charged with one count of felony second degree assault and trespassing for his part in the incident, according to Pertler.

"He had been thrown off the property earlier in the day and then returned," Pertler said.

Area police were called to Martineau's home at about 2 p.m. on March 29, after the shooting.

Shortly beforehand, Holmes and Martineau allegedly had an altercation in which Holmes refused to leave Martineau's house. The two began pushing one another and Holmes was eventually ejected from the home, records said. The victim also reported he had been assaulted with a shovel. According to later medical reports, Holmes had also suffered a concussion from blunt force trauma to his head.

Immediately after the altercation, Holmes went back to his house, also on Whispering Pine Drive, and soon returned to Martineau's house, along with two women, to confront him. At that point, Holmes allegedly carried a 4x4 piece of lumber and a machete-type weapon, while the women brandished large kitchen knives.

The trio confronted Martineau and his girlfriend on the deck of his home. After Holmes reportedly threw the lumber at the home and continued to threaten them, Martineau allegedly retrieved a .177 caliber air rifle and shot Holmes two times in the chest.

Martineau initially told officers that his girlfriend, Stacey Ann Downwind, 38, had shot the victim and she agreed, stating she had used a BB gun in the shooting, reports said. However, after additional questioning, Downwind allegedly said she had lied to protect Martineau and that he shot the victim. She has been charged with one count of misdemeanor obstructing justice.

Morningstar Holmes, 32, and Kelly Ann Dufault, 27, the two women who allegedly went to Martineau's home with Thomas Holmes, have each been charged with one count of felony second degree assault in connection with the incident.

Martineau has an extensive criminal history. He was currently on probation from a recent conviction in Cloquet, and he admitted last Wednesday that he had violated the terms of that agreement by drinking alcohol on Saturday. He is serving a 60-day jail sentence for that violation, Pertler said. For the most recent charges, Martineau's bail was set at $40,000.

Holmes is set to be sentenced in Carlton County District Court on an unrelated charge this Wednesday, Pertler said.

"He was pulled over last December and refused to submit to an alcohol test," he said.

As of Monday, court dates had not been set for the other four charged. Martineau is scheduled to appear in court this Wednesday.

This incident and a drive-by shooting several weeks ago on the same street do not appear to be connected, according to Cloquet Police Chief Wade Lamirande. A Twin Cities teenager faces charges, including one count of felony aiding and abetting a drive-by shooting, in connection with that crime.