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Truck hits Scanlon overpass

One lane of Interstate 35 was closed Tuesday at Scanlon after a semi dump truck with its bed lifted up struck the freeway bridge over State Highway 45 the previous evening, causing extensive damage to the bridge. The Minnesota State Patrol said the accident was reported at about 6:15 p.m. The truck was driving on Highway 45 under I-35, at the Scanlon exit, when the dump bed hit the bridge and ripped off the truck, becoming lodged in the bridge mount, the State Patrol told the Pine Journal. The truck also clipped an overhead power line in the Shamrock Landfill area, which Minnesota Power responded to. Charges are pending against the truck’s driver. The right lane of northbound I-35 at the Highway 45 bridge was closed Tuesday until further notice. A Minnesota Department of Transportation spokeswoman told the News Tribune that engineers believe the damage can be fixed, but that it’s not clear how long that may take or how long the lane may be closed. Jamie Lund/Pine Journal