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Looking for love in new location

A mama cat checks the door to her kennel at the Friends of Animals animal shelter. Jamie Lund/Pine Journal1 / 6
Homeless dogs peek through the kennel doors expectantly to see who is coming to see them. Jamie Lund/Pine Journal2 / 6
Sibling pupies look anxiously out of their kennel as visitors walk by during the Friends of Animals open house last Wednesday. Jamie Lund/PineJournal.com3 / 6
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There has been a huge uptick in cats and kittens at the Friends of Animals Humane Society recently. Some of the younger kittens will not be up for adoption until they are old enough. Jamie Lund/PineJournal5 / 6
The medical room at the Friends of Animals Humane Society animal shelter is one of the bigger perks in the remodeled building. Staff are hoping local veteranarians will come to the shelter to see the animals at some point instead of ttransporting the animals to area vet clinics. Jamie Lund/PineJournal6 / 6


Noses were twitching and tails were wagging as sad puppy eyes watched people walk by their kennels, hoping someone would come back and take them home.

Animals and staff are finally settled into the new location of the Friends of Animals Humane Society in Cloquet. The staff hosted an open house at the much larger, cleaner and newer shelter last Wednesday afternoon.

A rescue donkey named Pebbles stopped in to visit at the shelter and even rode in the elevator, much to the amusement of visitors and staff. The dogs were excited to see the visitors and watched hopefully through the chain link kennel doors to see if anyone was going to spring them from doggie jail.

Roughly 250 people showed up to admire the new facility and fuss over available dogs, cats, birds and a rabbit looking for homes.

While most of the shelter has been completed, a few final details need to be finished including an upstairs room to be rented out for birthday parties or meetings. More adult volunteers are also needed. For more information or volunteer opportunities, call 218-879-1655 or go to the website at