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Cloquet police help boy buy a new bike

When Cloquet Police Officer Laci Silgjord and Cpl. Steve Fiske stopped to buy lemonade from a young boy named Austin on July 21, they found out there was a story behind the lemonade stand.

In fact, Austin was raising money to buy a new bike because his had been stolen.

Silgjord decided to reach out to Walmart to see if they would be able to help out, and the store said yes.

Silgjord and Walmart Store Manager Sky Wilson surprised Austin — who was still working at his lemonade stand on Cloquet Avenue — with a new bike. According to Wilson it was a no brainer when the officers approached him and asked if Walmart would be interested in being a part of the surprise. “We just picked a bike we thought was cool,” said Wilson. The Mongoose freestyle bike happened to also be the one Austin had wanted.

“We know how hard you’ve been working,” Silgjord said in a video posted to the CPD website. “You’re out here all the time and it’s hot out. We know how hard it is when someone bad takes your bike, from an innocent little kid.”

“That’s what I’ve been wanting for all this time, that exact bike,” Austin said as another police officer wheeled the bike over.

“We applaud Austin for his hard work ethic and tenacity, but we were happy to help him obtain a new bike,” the police department wrote on the website.

And yes, Walmart and the police also provided Austin with a much needed bike lock as well.