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Spring burning restrictions underway

With warm temperatures, little to no snow and not a lot of green yet, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources implemented burning restrictions in Carlton and south St. Louis counties as of April 10. As conditions for wildfires increase, exposed dead grass and brush can light easily and burn quickly, especially in windy conditions.

During spring restrictions, the state will not give out burning permits for burning brush or yard waste. Debris burning is especially dangerous in April and May when most wildfires occur in Minnesota. The restrictions usually last from four to six weeks until sufficient green growth occurs. The spring restrictions have resulted in a dramatic decrease in both the number and size of accidental fires, said Ron Stoffel, DNR wildfire suppression supervisor.

Burning restrictions do not apply to campfires; they are still allowed. Clear an area around the campfire, watch it continuously and make sure it is out cold to the touch before leaving.