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Two face charges in Moose Lake stabbing

A Cloquet man and a Moose Lake woman face felony charges in a stabbing that occurred last Thursday in Moose Lake.

Steven Ross Shotley, 20, is charged with two counts of attempted second-degree murder, three counts of assault and one count of first-degree burglary, all felonies.

Jessi Marie Lees, 27, is charged with the same crimes for her role in allegedly aiding and abetting Shotley.

According to court documents, John Erlitz and his girlfriend, Andrea Boseovski, were sleeping at their apartment in a building known as the Carroll Inn on Elm Street when they awoke around 12:45 a.m. to Shotley kicking in their front door.

Shotley allegedly went into their bedroom and began stabbing Erlitz, using a knife with a 4-1/2 inch blade. Boseovski ignored Shotley's commands to stay still and instead pushed past Shotley and ran out of the apartment. She then banged on a neighbor's door yelling, "They are killing him, they are killing him!"

The neighbor's daughter called 911 and in the meantime another neighbor who heard the commotion came out to find Boseovski running out of the apartment followed by Shotley and a bloodied Erlitz who were still fighting. Court documents said a neighbor saw Shotley hitting Erlitz with a crowbar, yelled at him to stop and managed to grab the tool out of Shotley's hand. Shotley then reportedly ran down the fire escape to a waiting car driven by Lees. As he was getting into the car, Shotley yelled at Lees, "Go! Go!"

When officers from Moose Lake Police and the Carlton County Sheriff's Office arrived at the scene, they saw Erlitz standing in the hallway of the building covered in blood. He had several lacerations to his neck, shoulders and arms and blunt trauma marks on his back.

Officers learned the license plate of the vehicle from witnesses and caught up with Shotley and Lees on County Road 6 in the Barnum area. After stopping the vehicle, officers arrested Shotley and Lees and found bloody clothing in the car. Officers later found the knife on the bed in the apartment.

Erlitz was taken by ambulance to Mercy Hospital and Health Care Center where he received approximately 30 stitches and a lot of "patches," according to Moose Lake Police Chief Dale Heaton.

"The knife just missed the victim's jugular vein," he said. "The outcome could have been very different."

Shotley hit Boseovski in the leg with the crowbar as well, Heaton said.

None of the parties involved allegedly know each other, court documents said, but Heaton said the investigation is ongoing and he is not yet sure if the crime was random. He is also investigating whether drugs or alcohol were a factor in the attack.

Heaton said the Carroll Inn has had a history of police calls. The building has about 12 apartments, according to Heaton.

Shotley was scheduled to make his initial appearance in Carlton County Court on Wednesday. Shotley remains in jail on $300,000 bond, or $30,000 cash bail.

In 2005, as a juvenile, Shotley was convicted of felony assault.

Lees is also in jail on $150,000 bond or $15,000 cash bail. She made her initial appearance in court earlier this week and was scheduled to appear in court again on Thursday.