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Marriage Certificates

The following marriage certificates were filed in Carlton County in August 2012:

Aug. 2 - Robert Henry Danger and Belinda Lee Niemi

Aug. 3 - Brady Roger Granheim and Linnea Rae Goodman

Aug. 3 - Davis William Helberg and Stacey Elizabeth Carlson

Aug. 3 - Jess Adam Lathrop and Holland Katarina Heisick

Aug. 3 - Taj Lee Wise and Sabrina Melissa Pensak

Aug. 4 - Paul Gary Goodreau and Jody Rae Belcastro

Aug. 4 - Eric Christopher Johnson and Laura Emily Schimenek

Aug. 4 - Travis Duane Kahlstorf and Sheila Christine Tan

Aug. 4 - Matthew Richard McCullough and Brittany Dawn Bottila

Aug. 4 - Carl Cantrell Ragsdale and Carrie Lynn Runstrom

Aug. 4 - Bradon Robert Wehrman and Melissa Ann Aydt

Aug. 7 - Gerald William Cooke and Susan Marie Chesney French

Aug. 10 - Skyler James Couillard and Tiffany Ann Kennedy

Aug. 11 - Curtis George Binstock and Diane Lynn Scholz

Aug. 11 - Christopher Lee Fetters and Victoria Rose Jaeger

Aug. 11 - Paul Andrew Leino and Joella Mary Werner

Aug. 11 - Greg Theodore Orescanin and Diane Marie Thiry

Aug. 16 - Daniel Guy Dewitt and Justine Elizabeth Harker

Aug. 17 - Eric Scott Helland and Stephanie Joy Knuckey

Aug. 18 - Scott Brian Kelly and Terrie Louise Madden

Aug. 18 - Ricky Roy Kesty and Chesney Monick Lopeman

Aug. 18 - Todd Alan Korbi and Brenda Lee Krzenski

Aug. 18 - Paul Wallace Nordvall and Jovia Lynn Shine

Aug. 20 - Samuel Alex Borchardt and Marie Leu

Aug. 21 - Christopher William Houle and Crystal Marie Randa

Aug. 21 - Marcus Bo Hunt and Chasity Ann Dougherty

Aug. 22 - Jeffrey Allan Tarvas and Penny Lee Markus

Aug. 24 - Matthew Paul Kirk and Brandie Raye Johnson

Aug. 24 - Shawn Paul Landowski and Kelly Jean Peterson

Aug. 24 - Frederic Paul Wefelmeyer and Cynthia Ann Hill

Aug. 25 - James Chadwick Christensen and Lacey Joanne Burns

Aug. 25 - Nicholas Edward Jarvi and Victoria Jolene Fahrenholz

Aug. 25 - Rick Jay Johnson and Wendy Marie Johnson

Aug. 25 - Timothy Alan Schlenvogt and Jeannette Diane