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Marriage Certificates

The list of September marriage certificates published Oct. 13 in the Pine Journal was incomplete. The following is a complete listing of marriage certificates filed in Carlton County in September 2011:

Sept. 2 - John Crandall Johnson Kaarbo and Shawn Marie Melton

Sept. 3 - Nicholas Joseph Gamst and Katie Ann Kuhlman

Sept. 3 - Brandon Michael Gresczyk and Katie Beth


Sept. 3 - Lois Elaine Kirby and Charles Marion Hatfield

Sept. 10 - Michael Alan Abell and Christine Ann Eng

Sept. 10 - Jared James Bower and Erin Nicole


Sept. 10 - Matthew John Cullen and Brianna Louise Ische

Sept. 10 - Joshua Wayne Gooden and Rebecca Lee Lentz

Sept. 10 - Travis Ryan Gustafson and Katie Lynn Rodd

Sept. 10 - Michael Lee Jarvis and Jeanine Molly


Sept. 10 - Peter Jacob Martenson and Tina Marie Abrahamson

Sept. 10 - Benjamin Erik Nilsen and Laura Ashley Aili

Sept. 10 - Kenneth Harold Olsen Jr. and Jennifer Joy Maki

Sept. 10 - Derek Adam Pederson and Michelle Lynn


Sept. 16 - Thomas Duane Finn and Kristi Lynn Edwards

Sept. 17 - Jared Benjamin Del Rosso and Jennifer Jean Esala

Sept. 17 - Steven James Krocka and Sarah Marie


Sept. 17 - Aaron David Miller and Kortney Joyann Lindberg

Sept. 17 - Troy Ramon Robert Miller and Justine Joy Axtell

Sept. 17 - Matthew David Powers and Stacey Larae Price

Sept. 17 - Edward Dennis Stahlbusch and Chelsea Dianne Siltanen

Sept. 18 - Gregory John Pedersen and Kathleen Beth Dietz

Sept. 21 - Christopher Thomas Hansen Jr. and Mari Elizabeth Sampson

Sept. 21 - Lee Michael Jacobsen and Kristine Marie McClanahan

Sept. 23 - Daniel Allen Hink and Angela Lee Bower

Sept. 24 - Adam Gordon Estness and Rayna Marie Frigon

Sept. 24 - Paul John Ganter and Tracy Lee Halverson

Sept. 24 - Larry David Hanson and Kristal Rae Schmitz

Sept. 24 - Bruce Lynn Meyer and Jessica Sue Tate

Sept. 24 - Frederic Matthew Prudhomme and Betty Lou Killian Zywicki

Sept. 24 - Keith William Salscheider and Colleen Monica McKay